Helmcode 🤝 OVH

Jan 23, 2024

Written by: Alba Feijoo and Cristian Córdova

A month ago we announced our partnership with OVH. In this post, we come to tell you all the benefits that this agreement brings to all our clients who have or want to build infrastructure in OVH's Cloud.

Certified DevOps Team

Our infrastructure team has several certifications and the necessary experience to firsthand know the services and functionalities offered by OVH.

This gives us the ability to guide and recommend which services best fit your needs, how to take advantage of Cloud resources to minimize unnecessary expenses and also help you solve the problems and challenges you may have with your infrastructure.

Direct Access to OVH

We have OVH's Premium Support, which we extend to all our clients so they can directly contact OVH in case of any issues or doubts. Not only technically, but also commercial, billing, etc. All this so you can get the most out of the Cloud.

Cost Savings

Knowing and taking advantage of OVH's services thanks to our team will not only help you scale your company's applications better, but you will do it in the most cost-effective way possible. We will constantly assess the expenses you are incurring in infrastructure to recommend and take the necessary actions to minimize your expenses.

Focus on growing your business and forget about infrastructure problems

We are a DevOps Partner, meaning we accompany and work day by day alongside your engineering team proactively to improve, maintain, and evolve your entire platform.

You will have a dedicated DevOps team to solve problems, monitor your applications daily, and answer questions from your development and product teams.

Shall we begin?

Get the DevOps team you need now.

Shall we begin?

Get the DevOps team you need now.

Shall we begin?

Get the DevOps team you need now.